B&L Tutorials - Google Forms - Site Email

Google forms can be made by logging into google, and going to doc.google.com.

Once in google docs, go to "create new" and select "form"

Now choose a name for your form.

So you have named the form, now its time to really create it.
This form will be an example of a site email server, so people messaging you don't have to know your real email.

First, be sure to enter the overall main description/help text of your form.
Then, edit the "sample question", change it to what you want.
Please view tutorial photo below:

Now edit sample question two:

This will be the part of the form where the sender says who they are:

Now go to "Add Item" and select "Text" to add a third element.

This will be the "subject" area.

Now go to "Add Item" and select "Paragraph Text" to add a forth element.
Title this question "Message Body:" or something like that.
Follow example below:

Last (this is optional) add a fifth element named "Priority:"

Now that your form is all done, click save.

Now, create a new page on you site named something like new message.
On you page go to "Insert", then "documents", then follow the picture below.
The form is now on your page, and you may adjust it as you like.

To see the responses of your form, go to docs.google.com, and select your form.
Responses to the questions will be displayed in a spread sheet.

To open the menu to edit your form, follow the picture below:
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