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Grandpa Frank's Pre-War Store

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This mod adds a new merchant by Megaton who sells Pre-War Items, and also a few other special goods.
You can buy your own Brahmin from him which can carry all of your items while you travel. 
The Bramin can follow you, wait where you tell it to, or return to the Pre-War store.
Added in Version 1.0
The Shop Owner, Frank: 
Frank is a new follower in the game. Once you get the choice that says:
"Would you like to come with me?" Say yes. There will then be a new topic when you talk to him that says:
"Follower Options" You can then Decide if he will follow you, or Return to his shop.
This makes Frank your Ally, He will fight anyone who poses a threat to you, Plus, he hates Raiders.
While traveling with frank, choose the Buy/Sell topic. He will be able to provide Food & drink to you while you travel
with him, for a price. If you can not pay him in caps, he also accepts pre-war money. Once you start his quest,
If you find a Pre-War item, bring it to him, he will pay you double, or even triple what its worth.
Once you tell him he can tag along with you, you will gain free acess to his Pristene Nuka-Cola Vending Machine.
Do not wory about restocking the machine. He will do it every few days.
After you agree you will give him Pre-War items, a new topic appears.
This topic is named: "Pre-War Items Search."
To ask frank to accompany you, select this topic, then select the choice that asks him to accompany you.
Also, if you find a Pre-War item of some kind, select this topic, a choice will appear where you can tell
Frank you found that item. He will then pay you for that item. 
Please Note: When you give something to frank you can always get it back.
If it is clothing you give him, it will be on his Barter list.
If it is Pre-War money that you give him, it will be in his cash register.
If it is Pre-War books that you give him they will be in his file cabinet.
His file cabinet is locked and needs a key. To acecess it, hack his Terminal.

NOTE: (Frank is essential and can not die. If you attempt to kill him he will only be temporarily Knocked Out.)
Frank's Beverages List (Frank can provide you with these items at anytime, anywhere.)

1. Chilled Nuka-Cola Caps Price: 20 Pre-War Money Price: 2

2. Purified Water Caps Price: 20 Pre-War Money Price: 2

3. Instamash Caps Price: 5 Pre-War Money Price: 1

4. Noodles Caps Price: 5 Pre-War Money Price: 1

Note: (If you pay with Pre-War money on any $5 Item, 5 caps will be recieved as Change)
Grandmother Helen:
Grandmother Helen is Frank's wife. She does not offer any special services.
She can be found downstairs in Frank's Hatch, or in the store on the computer.
She looks after the store when Frank is gone, and will make sure the player is comfortable in her home.
Bessie the Pack Brahmin:
Bessie is also a new follower in the game. You will be able to buy her from Frank for 2000 Caps.
When talking to her, you can store your items on her.
Unlike other Brahmin, she will fight for you.
If you like to adventure, she is a very good Companion to take with you.
I added her into the game because I hate having to return to town every time I get over encumbered.

NOTE: (Bessie is essential and can not die. If you attempt to kill her she will only be temporarily Knocked Out.)
Scruffy the Hobo:
Scruffy is a Hobo that can be found at The Brass Lantern, Crater Side Supply, The Capitol Wasteland, or Frank's Pre-War Attire.
He will usually be hunting, or drinking beer.
You can pay Scruffy 20 gold to follow you, but to do this, you must first speak to Frank.

NOTE: (When Scruffy is going about his own business, he will be killable, but when he is following you he can not die.)
Added in Version 1.1
Version 1.1 Features:

- You can now choose to pay for your items with Pre-War Money.

- You can now give Frank or Scruffy any of your items.

- The glitch with buying the Brahmin has been corrected.

- A Working T.V. has been added to the bedroom.

- Grandmother Helen now sells when Frank is gone.

- Scruffy now buys water when you pay him caps.

- Helen & Frank now have more gold to barter with.

- Nuka-Cola Quantum now added to Frank's Vending machine

- If you choose to blow up Megaton, Frank and Helen will now talk about it.
Please see included Screen Shot for Location.
Extract Grandpa Frank's Pre-War Store.esp to
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data


Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for the creation of Fallout 3, and the G.E.C.K. editor!


(Copyright 2009 Toa Doa's Fallout 3 Mods)
(Copyright ©2011 Baelin&Lonuma)

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