As of February 27th 2012, we are no longer developing Little Big Planet content until further notice.

New TOS coming very soon!
Read about it here

We are against use of ads on websites!
We at Baelin&Lonuma™ take a strong stance against the use of Internet advertisements from other companies on our websites. We all know how it feels to visit a website so cluttered with ads that it feels almost dirty. We are a non-profit organization, and feel a website should be well-organized and clean. That is why over the next 4 months we will be dropping many third party websites we use (for things such as places to host our downloads) from our list of providers. Like CEO Ramona Baelin said last week: "A clean website is a happy website to all!"

As of February 29, 2012: We no longer use TES Nexus.
For company security, and other reasons, we will be dropping the Tes Nexus from our providers list on February 29th, meaning that our mods for the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, as well as any other Elder Scrolls games, will no longer be available on the TES Nexus. They will however, still be available at THIS SITE under the Elder Scrolls Section, which is the proper home for them.

Baelin&Lonuma Workspace is on its way!
We will soon release our first official "Creators Desktop Tool" (Baelin&Lonuma Workspace) which will allow you to easily access a menu on your computer allowing you to see all of your content, and games developed by us and our members, as well as your current projects you are working on if you are a member, all right in one place. You will be able to launch the game and programs right from within this menu, resume projects, and even enable "NunBox Password Security" which allows you to secure your Baelin&Lonuma workspace program with a login and password! This is in beta testing currently and will be released to members very soon!