Terms and Policies


These terms revised last by Karen Lonuma, CEO (8th December, 2011 at 10:08pm Pacific Savings Time)
By entering any of the following sites under Baelin&Lonuma™ terms control (B&LPSL; TheWestElizabethLedger; BBLittleBigPlanet; Home Care Offices; The Tamrielic Lore (https://sites.google.com/site/thetamrieliclore/) -Partly-) You are bound by the following terms of service and are under the control of B&L.

0. Site Protection & Privacy

    1.1) When visiting any B&L site you are bound to terms of service and policies

        1.11) All visitors, members, and collaborators are under the control of google.com, and B&L.

    1.2) Site CEO Ramona Baelin, Karen Lonuma, Laura Baelin, and google have complete control over all content, posts, links, revisions, ads, and downloads on this website, but may not control some of the external sites that may be linked to or from this site. If you have a problem, contact the Baelin&Lonuma support team: blserver97.corp@gmail.com 
    1.3) All member's private status are not, and never will be shared with any visitors outside of the B&L network, unless the user specificly requests for their information to be displayed publicly.
    1.4) Visitors have absolutely NO permission to access administrative options, or edit any page of the site, unless given official permission from RAMONA BAELIN.
    1.5) Posting links, unsafe items, or abusive comments is not tolerated, and along with it being removed from the website, so will the poster of the content.
    1.6) All content created by B&L such as individual packs and levels on LBP are protected by licences with Baelin&Lonuma, and Media Molecule and any other colaborating corporations. Seizing, copying, and republishing said content as your own is illegal, and you may deemed fraudulent, and may be involved in civil judicial action in the near time following your action.

    1.7) B&L will never claim content from another creator or company as their own, all sources must be cited properly for members and colaborators as well. If you think there may be an infringed product on the site, or something that does not follow these terms, please contact postgeneral@baelinlonuma.com.

    1.8) B&L will NEVER give away member information, no matter how minor, unless given the official consent by the member/person.

    1.9) B&L administrators assume total and complete control and responsibility over all limitations, access, policies, terms, visitor limitations, member limitations, and regulations in collaboration with google. 
1. Basic Ownership Right over files made by Baelin&Lonuma for other games
        As given by the Copyright Basics laws of the USA copyright office, Baelin&Lonuma™ holds copyrights on the Changes (Modifications) made to the games that allow it (hence the word mod for any files made with Game Editor Software) in the mods they produce as the authors of the mod (but not the software for creating the modification). USA COPYRIGHT OFFICE STATES: "Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright."

1.01. Playstation Allowed User C. Content

    1.011) All content created for games in which the game itself and PSN allows, by Baelin & Lonuma Corp. are under protection by B&L copyrights. Copying said content without the official consent from a B&L representative, or official identification that you are in conjunction with PSN, or the developer of the game/software/operation is strictly prohibited and can result in legal action, in which the user is liable for copyright infringement, and has provided an official illegal example to B&L of copyright infringement and fraud.


1.02. Bethesda C. User Content Developed by B&L   (edited last by Scarlett U, and Karen Lonuma - December 2011)

1.020) All content created by Baelin&Lonuma™ for games in which the game itself and Bethesda Softworks/contributing collabortators allow, are under protection [Baelin&Lonuma™ Copyrights or standard licencing]. Copying, and reproducing/modifiying said content without the official consent from a Baelin&Lonuma representative, or official identification that you are in conjunction with Bethesda Softworks/ the developer of the game/software/operation, or granted licencing by one of the developers, is strictly prohibited and can result in legal action, in which the user may be liable for copyright infringement, and has provided an official illegal example of copyright infringement/fraud/violation of standard licensing agreement. Violating said terms may result in LEGAL ACTION, and the violator to these terms may be deemed fraudulent by a court of law, and may be prosecuted by the developers that wish to press charges. (?)

    Please note: all editing software for said content is not under any copyrights of B&L corp. Rescources used that ARE copyrights of B&L corp will be listed. CHANGES to Base file may be subject to Baelin&Lonuma™ copyrights/licencing if they are what defines the modification as a creation of Baelin&Lonuma™.
1.021) Bethesda Softworks has final control over legal, and executive decisions concerning the files for Bethesda Content constructed, produced, and published by Baelin&Lonuma™ with the TES/G.E.C.K. Construction Set. If you think a file is being misused, or the terms do not apply to it, please contact Lena Fonsecsa at blserver97.corp@gmail.com. We will work with you to solve any problems you may have with the file, and terms or service regarding the file.
File Tag:
[Important: The TES editor is an asset of Bethesda™ Softworks
All original base file, texture, meshes, ect used in mod are assets of Bethesda™
file CHANGES: Copyright ©2011-2012 Baelin&Lonuma™
(any added assets of B&L will be clearly listed if used.)]

2. Members & Profiles

    2.1) All members profiles are protected by privacy policies.

    2.2) All information submitted to a member's profile must pass protocol, and be approved before it is posted.

    2.3) Each and every member is able to choose what is displayed on their profile, and what is not.

    2.4) B&L has absolutely zero control over your google account.

        2.41) Google accounts are accepted for log in on our site if you so choose.
            2.42) Members may be given editing rights to the site upon joining and providing us with their email address. If unappropriate content is posted, the member will be striped of their rank, and their editing abilities will be removed, and may be reported to google.
    2.5) Baelin&Lonuma will NEVER share your email address, or phone number to any one other than yourself, unless instructed to do so by the user, or the Federal Government.

2.01 - Site Banishment

    2.011) When a user name or member has been banned, they will loose all access to their account and will forever be unable to join again with that user name.

    2.012) Banning Evasion can be avoided by making another account, but will not be accepted for 6 weeks if the account holds identical information to the previously banned account, similar information, or contains certain patterns of a like sort.


3. Member Invasion and Abuse

    3.1) All members are required to submit a unique security question upon joining.

    3.2) If a member suspects their account has been invaded, spammed, or stolen, they are to submit the unique security question to B&L forms.

    3.3) Google accounts are also accepted for log in to our sites, if you suspect your google account has been stolen, please contact the google support team.
4. Peach Cloud
    4.1) Upon logging into Peach Cloud the first time, it will gain access to any information you have shared with Baelin&Lonuma™. This includes, but is not limited to: your Baelin&Lonuma Time Card username, and password.
    4.2) Peach Cloud is a Baelin&Lonuma™ workers resource service site. It will allow employees and members to use the login, storage, projects, and mail service features provided by Baelin&Lonuma anywhere as long as wifi, 3G, or 4G is available.
    4.3) Peach Cloud is also a member sharing workforce site. It allows members and employees to store and save files in their own "file cabinent". Members who tamper with other member's "file cabinets" will be banned, and previously modified data will be restored by administration.