Here at Baelin&Lonuma, all of our members are required to follow our creation standards when making a products, or making DLC.

Basic Standards:

1)    The file is able to co-exist with the software of the device that the product is running on, and will not change, hurt, or slow the device or it's operating system.

2)    The file (if DLC) is able to co-exist with the base game it was made for, without altering base files (unless specifically listed to do so), and with out otherwise               
                             changing the games performance, and causing issues in the base game.

3)    The file (if DLC) must pass a full test period (which can take up to 90+ days) in which every modification added for the game is tested for compatibility for the base
                             game making sure there are no glitches that could disrupt the player when playing the original game.

Listed Standards in our current products:

S:ES4:BGSC --- Standard: ElderScrollsIV: BaseGame Standard Compatibility