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Mod Rights

If you prefer to aquire a standard agreement/licence and permission from us to redistribute one of our works, please email
While we at Baelin&Lonuma gain basic copyrights over the works we are the authors of and DO NOT normally allow third party modders to edit, modify, or redistribute our mods without the permisson from us, or the developer of the Editing Software, we do give some guidelines and advice on how to make it ok to do so.
- If you wish to edit, or republish one of our works:
If using meshes/texture or objects from something we have made, please give us credit. This can be done simply by placing this line of text somewhere in the mod itself, or the place you are redistributing our work such as your website: "Some meshes/texture/objects made by Baelin&Lonuma™" or "Credentials: Baelin&Lonuma™" This gives us credit for the work.
If you are redistributing or republishing one of our mods, please give us credit for the original creation before your changes to our work. One example of this would be saying "Original Mod made by Baelin&Lonuma™" or "This is a modification of Baelin&Lonuma's <file name>.
As long as our works are credited for, we allow basic reproduction and distribution of our works.
And please remember to always give credit to the original creator of the editing software, and game you are modding!